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When you are ready to sell fine spirits or consign a collection of rare whisky, Decanter Liquor can help you realise the highest price through our retail exposure. 

The global Whisky & Spirits market has grown significantly in the last decade. The value of some of these rare and limited edition whiskys have more than doubled the past few years. At Decanter Liquor we are at the forefront of this growing market and want you to be part of it! Explore our Consign or Sell your Whisky options.

sell your whisky

At Decanter we buy certain Whiskys & Spirits, get in touch and we will Review your Collection. Our buying team has extensive knowledge in the Whisky & Liquor industry of over 15 years. We are passionate of keeping a diverse and great selection of Fine Whisky’s & Spirits. Let us know what you want to sell and we will give a Free Valuation!

consign your whisky

A new feature for Decanter Liquor. You can now Request to Consign your Whisky or Spirits with us at Decanter Liquor. Upon Review of your products we will give you a Consignment Agreement for our Online Portal or In-Store or both. You as a Consignor will get your desired price and Decanter take a small % fee over and above your price. Get in touch to learn more. 

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