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Est. 2021

Decanter Liquor

Providing you with only the finest and most exclusive liquor.

Over the years we have been hunting & collecting unique bottles from around the world. Our curated collection has grown so big we decided to showcase it and give it a name, DECANTER. The Decanter liquor collection has been thoughtfully crafted into a unique and exclusive liquor boutique store.

Our most premium collection focuses mostly on Whiskys, that’s not to say we dont have a wide range of exclusive spirits along with the finest quality wines from South Africa and around the world.

At Decanter, we aim to be your premium plug for liquor. Anything you need sourced we can assist, we have an international network and community for luxury liquor, rare whiskys & exclusive spirits.

We have now decided to enter the digital age to transform and disrupt the luxury liquor industry with the introduction of . Initially we will showcase our proud and unique whisky collection to the whole internet and create an online whisky store for customers to buy rare and premium liquor. Bare in mind however that Decanter Liquor will not be your ordinary online liquor website, watch this space for updates. 

The online liquor store for exclusive liquor is just the beginning of what we have in mind of creating. We are very optimistic and excited for the innovation and value being built on Web3 & blockchain technology. NFT and blockchain have already made there way into liquor, and here at Decanter we are already exploring use cases and how to integrate this technology with liquor. So stay tuned for whats to come. 

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